We officially opened our brick & mortar store on December 1, 2023!

What products can you find in person? Pretty much anything you see on our website! Our selection includes handmade items from us here at Atomic Polish and other small businesses. We try to carry a large variety of products made both locally and elsewhere in the US and Canada. The type of products we carry include:

  • nail polish
  • cuticle oil, balm & butter
  • lip gloss & lip balm
  • coconut apricot candles
  • wool dryer balls, garlands, & cat toys
  • ornaments when in season
  • kids items such as slime and water based nail polish
  • hand designed stationary
  • soap, bath bombs & other bath products
  • biodegradable glitter
  • stickers
  • jewelry

Hours of Operation

 Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12-6pm
Friday 1-7pm
Saturday 11am-4pm
Sunday Closed

Brands we carry

Atomic Polish - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ava Quinn's Soap Co - Clark, New Jersey

Citizen Ruth - Portland, Oregon

Fair Anita - Minneapolis, Minnesota

FinchBerry - Gainesville, Florida

Friendsheep - Temecula, California

Flossie - Ottawa, Ontario

Indigo Clay Jewelry - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Larissa Loden - Minneapolis, Minnesota

LippyClip - Orlando, Florida

Momenti di Vita - Toronto, Ontario

Party Mountain Paper Co. - Toronto, Ontario

Puttisu - Irvine, California / South Korea

SOAK Bath Co. - Niverville, Manitoba

Soap Lift - Conneticut

Sonria Slime - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Sudsy Soap Works - Maple Grove, Minnesota

Unicorn Eclipse - Woodbury, Minnesota

Wild Botanicals - Champaign, Illinois

The Winding Road - Chicago, Illinois